Thursday, 18 August 2022

PAJ Easy Finder 4G

I travel a lot and it's really important to ensure that my luggage is safe and reaches its destination. I was thinking how I could do this? I looked at various options and that is when I came across the idea of purchasing a tracking device. After much research I came across the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker. 

What is the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker?

The PAJ Easy finder is a new generation of GPS trackers with 4G coverage. It is suitable for vehicles, people, valuables and luggage. It is compact and small enough to fit into a pocket. The tracker comes with a charging cradle, M2M SIM, USB power outlet adapter and a leather pouch for storage. 

How easy is it to set up the PAJ Easy Finder 4G Tracker?

After unboxing the tracker and before the first use it requires to be charged for 8-12 hours. 

Next down load the PAJ app alternatively you can use the desk top version if desired.

Log into the and purchase a subscription, Next activate the device.

How does the PAJ Easy Finder work?

The Paj Easy Finder works with a sim card on a 4G or 2G network or a mixture of both. It is able to live track any item and provides instant alerts. The tracker provides live tracking in over 100 countries. The tracker has a 14 days battery life, however the more the tracker is moved and it will send more alerts using up more battery life so it may not last the full 14 days. It also has standby mode.

It provides:

Motion / vibration alarm

Alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker is shaken or moved.

SOS alarm

Alarm message as soon as the SOS button is pressed.

Radius alarm

Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker leaves the specified radius.

Speed alarm

Alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker exceeds a certain speed.

Battery alarm

Alarm message as soon as the battery level is low.

I used the PAJ Easy Finder tracker in my suitcase on a recent trip to Portugal, it gave me the reassurance that I was able to track my suitcase every step of the way with alerts.  

Once the tracker was set up, all that was required was to place the Paj tracker that was fully charged in my suitcase amongst my clothes. I found it easy to set up and use. It provided all the information I required about my bag.

The tracker offers many functions, some more complicated than others which enables you to obtain highly detailed reports about the item you are tracking through live maps, distance, range finder and past history. 

What is the total cost of the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker?

The tracker can be bought from Amazon and there are different types available for tracking various things. My main use for this tracker was for travel. The Paj Easy Finder 4G Tracker that I had was  £48.99 plus £5.00 for 1 month Subscription. There are various different models available that are priced according to the model and facilities they offer.

  • The tracker was very useful as it sent me shock alerts notifications promptly and accurately.
  • I was able to track device live on a map showing route information. This was useful as we had a wedding dress in our suitcase and we had peace of mind knowing where the suitcase was every step of the way.
  • The two week battery life was useful as it lasted the duration of our holiday.
  • The instructions were unclear regarding leaving the tracker on in the aeroplane hold, however a call to the customer services cleared this and they said it was OK. I was told that the new manuals will be updated with this missing info.
  • There were various options for the subscription purchase to suit your needs such as monthly, quarterly or annually. 
  • My device did not send me a low battery notification although the instructions says it should. A call to the customer services soon resolved this small glitch.

Overall the tracker served it's purpose well, the customer support was good and efficient. I will continue to use it on my travels as I found it useful.The tracker was gifted to me and all the points raised in this post are of my personal experience using it.

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The best thing I bought this summer - a retractable pergola


Today’s blog post is one I have been dying to write about for a while now. I often like to share with my friends and family things that I have recently purchased, giving my own mini-review and recommendations. Well, let me tell you, my friends and family have definitely heard me go on about this product for a while now and some of them have even got their own thanks to me! What is this mystery item I hear you ask? Designer Shade Solutions retractable roof pergola that’s what! I am going to tell you everything you need to know about these amazing shading structures and hopefully have you hopping on the trend too.

So, what are retractable roof pergolas?

The best place to start is probably with this question... what are retractable roof pergolas? To put it simply, retractable roofs or louvre roofs as they are also known, are pergolas with a roof that can tilt to create shade, open to maximise sunlight or shut to protect from heavy showers. This means that these “modern pergolas truly allow you to be outside more (and protect you from the elements)” as mentioned by Dork Face in a recent blog. Since having my own retractable pergola roof I have experienced a range of different weather conditions and I can confidently say not one has stopped me from enjoying my beautiful garden space.

What if my garden isn’t big enough?

This next question is one I’ve commonly heard whenever I’ve told anyone about my retractable pergola. Thankfully, there’s an answer to this! Designer Shade Solutions “offer an entirely bespoke experience” as said by Life on the Lock, so they can create the perfect pergola to suit your criteria. For example, when installing my pergola, I chose to have it as a stand-alone piece in my garden, but you can alternatively attach your retractable roof to your property as an extension or have it custom built to your desire. Not only this, but I also added heating to my pergola so that I can continue to enjoy it even in the winter. Who knows maybe I’ll spend Christmas morning relaxing there!

The best investment option

My final persuasion point on these structures is the excellent investment option that they offer. Moving and Improving admits that  “a pergola on its own is more likely to provide broken shade than full shade coverage”, not to mention the lack of protection they offer against wind and rain. Retractable roofs are clearly worth the investment in this sense as they offer practicality as well as visual appeal, unlike traditional pergolas. They can even help to increase your property value too so, what are you waiting for?

What do you think?

So, there you have it, a retractable roof pergola - the best thing I bought this summer (and maybe even this year). Will you be contacting Designer Shade Solutions for your bespoke structure? Get your garden ready for the colder months and hold on to those warmer days spent outdoors for a little longer.

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Monday, 18 July 2022

Stockholm in three days Part 3- Stockholm City Library

Stockholm is a very beautiful city and full of history, If you like city breaks this place is a must visit. You can easily cover all the sites over three days and if you haven't read my Stockholm day 1 and Stockholm day 2, I highly recommend you check these posts out . I have covered how you can stay on a budget and explore the city without breaking the bank.

On our third and last day in Stockholm we had half a day to explore the city before making our way to the airport for our late afternoon flight. After breakfast we packed and checked out of out hostel. We were able to store our luggage at the hostel as we set off to explore more of Stockholm. 

Our first stop was the Observatorielunden a park very close to Drottninggatan. It is set upon the hill top, with an observatory that dates back to 1700 century. there is a cafeteria and ample seating so you can enjoy the calmness only a stones throw from the city centre. 

Not far from the Observatorielunden, only a short walk away is the famous Stockholm Central public library. You will wonder what is so special about it? 

The Stockholm Public Library was created by Gunnar Asplund. He was a world-famous architect and he designed this beautiful library, the design is called a Swedish Grace. 

The spiraling book shelves on several floors house thousands of literature. Just walking around these corridors and feeling the books is an experience in its self.

After the library we walked into town and stumbled across a flea market. We obviously had to stop and take a look.Those of you who know me I have prop obsession as I also write a food blog so the Flea market was a good find. I found some pretty vintage spoons to bring home.

All the sight seeing and walking makes you hungry. It was time for another fika, Swedish coffee and cake stop but we were very tempted by the amazing pancakes at Choijs Pancakes We gave in and ordered two pancakes. Greedily as we ploughed through them we had to admit defeat as neither of us could manage to finish our plates.

After a final look in the shops we had to collect our luggage and make way to the airport for our flight home. If we had had more time we would have loved to visit Vasa Museum, set up from the only 17th century ship that was salvaged. You can visit this museum together with entrance to the Vrak a museum about wrecks. For the ABBA fans, a visit to the ABBA Museum is a must and of course for those who like  photography the  the museum of Fotografiska, photography museum is another one not to miss. It is set in the custom house showcasing contemporary art.

Our three day city break to Stockholm was really enjoyable.There were many things we would have liked to do and places to visit which we hope we can do next time we go to Stockholm.

If you are planning on visiting Stockholm do check out all three posts below and also the vlogs about our trip.

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Top tips for installing a garden fence

Finally in the UK we are getting some warm sunshine. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors in the garden. Vitamin D is really good for your health, body and mind. We love dining out doors and relish every opportunity to spend time in our garden. That's why its important to ensure that our garden is clean and tidy and well kept and that we have privacy too.

A home’s boundaries are an important thing to have to separate your space from your
neighbours, as well as creating a strong sense of security. While a hedge seems attractive
and a good solution, they can take up to several years to grow. A stone wall can also be a
good choice to surround your home, although it can become quite costly. Fence posts tend
to be the go-to solution as they can be found at affordable prices and installed in a matter of
days. Here are some tips on how to install a garden fence.

1. The first thing to scan the area that you’d like to install the fence in. Check for
anything that could be damaged whilst installing and figure out if you’ll need to
access someone else’s property to get the job done. There is no right or wrong time
to do it but avoiding very hot, cold or wet conditions are best.

2. Figure out the materials you may need to get the fence up securely. These could be
from tape measures, screws, drills, hammers, fence panels to even cement mix. Do a
good amount of research so you can get the work done quick.

3. Remove any rocks, plants or debris from the area you’re going to be installing the
fence in to ensure it sits well in the ground. Mark down an area with string to ensure
your fence is straight and not wonky which won’t be pleasant to the eye.

4. Dig holes deep enough to hold your fence up strong and follow that by marking out
positions and creating holes for the remaining fences.

5. Consider a gravel board to allow water to flow away instead of being soaked up by
the wood before lowering your fence into place. You may need assistance for this

6. Secure your fence well and consider applying a protective paint to the fence to
ensure it stays in better condition for a longer period of time.

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Sunday, 17 July 2022

The benefits of piling foundations for your property

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

We have been recently searching for a new property but the property prices are really high for what we want. We have started to look at other options such as moving out of London to the suburbs as property is cheaper and also purchasing a smaller property that has ample land with a scope to extend. This option was recommended to us by our estate agent and we are seriously looking into it as it means we can initially move into a smaller property and when we can afford it we have the opportunity to extend. 

We thought this was an option to consider.  The agent gave us some information and details about property extensions and this is when we discovered about piling foundations.

What are Piles Foundation?

Piles foundations are long poles made from wood, concrete or steel. The art of piling dates back centuries when these poles were placed under homes to build a sturdy foundation. With the need for more housing becoming a bigger issue and the lack of strong land to build them on, piling foundations is becoming well needed. Here are some reasons why piling foundations for your property may be beneficial.

Why Use Piles Foundation?

Homes tend to be heavy and in consistent use. Many find a home and choose to live in them for a relatively long period of time which means having a home with a strong foundation is a necessity. Piling allows a high weight capacity and can allow foundations to hold extremely heavy buildings easily. Pilings are generally installed by professionals and are specified so that won’t be a concern. 

Many areas of land that could be homes to new buildings are made up of weak soil which doesn’t allow work to take place. However, with ground investigation being done, it can be determined what is needed to help this. Piling tends to be a great way to transform weak soil to be able to hold strong and weighted buildings.

They are a good way to create a neat piece of work as pile foundations are built deep in the ground and are not visible later on. Best of all, piling can be done anywhere, especially in areas that can’t really be drilled, which is why they are becoming a common method for building strong foundations. 

How easy is to Install Piling Foundation?

They can also be installed in any area in long lengths. This is great for someone who would potentially look at creating a new home from scratch in an area that may be difficult to build on. Lastly, the sizing for piling is pre-made in factories which make construction much faster and easier. 

We are happy to have learnt about this option and will definitely consider it as our property search continues.

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